5月開催の『スーパー耐久 SUGOラウンド』に向けての練習走行

今週の、水曜日&木曜日の2日間 SPOON様のお手伝い









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  1. As for the story of the CRA, Stan Liebowitz in has the best overview. Liebowitz’s perspective basically confirms Robert Smythe’s post. The “mortgage innovation” movement was not just one law. It was an across-the-board thrust from Washington as a whole, from ACORN’s racist mau-mauing to George W. Bush’s crusade for “minority homeownership.” It is certainly hard to say that Republicans are any less responsible than Democrats, for example. No – it’s the whole lying system that is guilty.

  2. You are a new author for me. I enjoyed your interview & I’m looking forward to a great read. ‘Memoirs of a Gigolo’ sounds like the begining of an awesome series. You’ve got my attention. Leann

  3. Hello Mimsie,I am considering teaching in Korea. Your blog is very helpful. I am planning on bringing my wife and 2 children. Do u know how we could handle the housing? & about how much are utilities?Thank u

  4. The band has often been equipped to provide potent rock ballads with hooks that are inclined to sink into the thoughts of enthusiasts and have them humming tunes for weeks.

  5. "I wear boots all summer long"! By all means thrill us with a homage to Deborah Harry though – next Sunday's girl?!PS. Well done on the clear out. Will you be having a massive Ebay sale?

  6. Never mind, I’ve found the answer, even though it’s totally not obvious.There is no ‘INFO’ tab on my Page.It’s another “LIKES” area.Just under Timelines image, there is a area for Photos, Likes and Maps.These Likes are for people that like your page.Underneath the “Recent posts by others” is a box called ‘LIKES”.This is where you find the pages that your page has Liked.So, two areas for Likes for different reasons.Hope this helps someone else.B.

  7. Gör’t! Jag har varit redhead, och jag älskade det! Är blond nu igen, det har tagit mig nästan ett Ã¥r, men vi har tagit det i smÃ¥ steg.. Börjat med ljusare röda färger, sen lagt i ljusa slingor osv. Se bara till att du har en riktigt bra frisör som hjälper dig, och glöm för allt i världen inte att köpa schampo med röda pigment! Rött gÃ¥r nämligen ur ganska lätt.. =) Lycka till!